Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Mobile Car Detailers of Raleigh

Car Mobile Detailers RaleighJake and Lee are owners of Mobile Car Detailers of Raleigh. I called them to come detail my car. They called me the day before the detailing day to confirm and to report on the weather as they would have rescheduled if the weather report called for rain.

Jake and Lee were on time (maybe even a few minutes early) and were very professional. They’re fully self contained with water and everything else they need to detail and wash the car interior and exterior. Jake asked me if there was anything special I was looking for when they arrived and I told him just to pay attention to details in the nooks and crannies.

The best part is they come out to the car location to perform their detailing services which is I should point out,  included in their price. I got the full monty which is called “the complete detail” including waxing, windows, vacuuming, shining up the tire rims…you know the whole shebang. It cost me $140 which I thought was reasonable.

Oh, and in case you have a leather car interior and are wondering what product to use, they recommend and use Lexol. It’s commonly used in the car cleaning industry. Leather in cars, unlike furniture at home can get a lot of sun and heat exposure especially in the hot Raleigh summers. Especially with the windows rolled up, this can cause cracking issues which would be a huge bummer. So using the right products can make a big difference.

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